High growth and demand

Nowadays, everyone has bought a product online, the possibility of buying without leaving the comfort of their home has changed the way many shoppers, with the expansion of the internet, many new users adhere even more to this shopping model. and staying out of the virtual world is no longer an option if you want to grow your business.

Project choice

We will analyze your business model and based on it we will indicate the best store solution. Here you will find ready-made stores that will only need a few adjustments for your business or even create a complete and exclusive platform for your business.

New possibilities

With its platform you will be able to sell the most diverse products and services online, without having to be stuck in a physical store, creating new sales possibilities that were not possible before. But if you already have a physical store, we can create a platform that integrates the virtual world with the real world.


Experience to manage your store

Despite being new to the market, SGDev has the experience to take your store to another level, making your life easier and that of your customers with various integrations such as Correios and PagSeguro.

Attention to our customers

From the first contact with our customers, we develop a good relationship, listening to your problem carefully so that we can find the best solution is what we do, and in this way follow up to the final stage, always listening and understanding our customers so that the final project be exactly as you imagined.

modern look

We worked with modern visuals that left even a simple store with a super professional look, easy to navigate, increasing the retention of users who access your store.


SGDev is the right partner to develop your e-commerce!

Choosing those who understand the subject makes all the difference and we believe it is one of the best options for your business.